Why do people avoid travel insurance?

We all travel at different times in our lives for various reasons. Some people travel more frequently for others and some, they don’t have a choice because their trips are mostly official. During this trip, one of the precautions that are expected for an individual to take is to take travel insurance. However, many people refuse to take travel insurance and when things go wrong, it is sometimes disastrous for them. This article will discuss the major reasons why people avoid travel insurance.

The reason why some people avoid travel insurance is because of ignorance. They do not know that there is anything such as travel insurance existing. Some others might have heard that travel insurance exists, but do not understand how it works, what it entails and why they would need it. Thus, since they feel they do not need it, they do not concern their selves with checking it out further or taking one when they are travelling. They subsequently travel with all the risk of travel at their own expense not knowing that paying a little amount in premium could take the burden off them to an insurance company.

Trying to save cost
For some people, it is money. They are travelling on a budget and they do not have extra money to spend on travel insurance. They might have travelled some times in the past with or without travel insurance and nothing out of the ordinary or that required a travel insurance company happened. Thus, they now feel it would be a waste of time and resources if they should apply for a travel insurance policy, believing that nothing is likely to happen during the trip. When something happens and it turns out to be very severe, they start to regret and curse themselves for not just sacrificing and doing the right thing.

Fear that the insurance company might disappoint
A lot of people are also scared of insurance companies. They might have heard stories about cases where an individual was not attended to by an insurance company when there was an issue. Stories where insurance companies did not cooperate, delayed or probably went to court citing reasons why they shouldn’t pay a person’s insurance claim could easily discourage a lot of people from getting travel insurance. Worse case, they make their budget for miscellaneous and accidents knowing that if something happens, they would be able to sort it out themselves immediately as opposed to risking an insurance company that would complicate matters for them. However, you do not have throw away the baby with the bathwater if you have trust issues with insurance companies. By just reading insurance company reviews such as reviews about ASDA holiday insurance, you would be able to know which insurance companies to trust and which not to trust. By properly analysing the reviews and choosing the right company, you can be 99.9 per cent sure that you would be attended to should you need to claim your travel insurance.

Hoping that they would not need it
Some people also travel without travel insurance with the hope that they would not need it. Generally, less than 10 per cent of people make a travel insurance claim during their travels. It also means that most people make a claim less than once for every 10 trips. However, no matter how little the probability is, it is important to know that it might one day be you and it might be when you least expect. Thus, it would always be best to make provision for and ensure that your travel insurance policy is active whenever you are travelling.

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