Jeff Lupient’s Wife: How She Inspires The Man

They say that behind every great man there is a great woman and that is certainly true in the case of Jeff Lupient Minneapolis based CEO and President of a highly successful automotive group. Jeffrey W. Lupient is the name on all of his business’ but for Jeff there is really only one boss in his household, his wife. Jeff Lupient wife is the driving force behind the man, he tells me that without her, he would never ave found success here in Minneapolis St Paul Area, Minnesota, or anywhere in the state for that matter. I sat down with the high earning businessman to find out more about why he attributes all of his success to his wife.


Jeff Lupient met his wife during their days at Hamline university and they have been together ever since. He tells me that her greatest quality was how she could see the ambition in him and she pushed him to try new things in order to achieve what he had wanted to. He also spoke openly about the way that she would drive him to be better, each morning and night pushing him to go and achieve great things.


Another wonderful attribute that Jeff Lupient’s wife has is her controlled aggression which she would use to give Jeff the inspiration that he needed to work harder. He tells me that there were some days when he was down in the dumps because something in business hadn’t gone his way, and these were the days where she would offer no sympathy, but instead tell him to get up, move on and go again. For many people this may not be something that strikes a chord but for Jeff it was just what he needed to get charged up and go out into the world again.


Beyond emotional support Jeff Lupient tells me how his wife has helped out in many ways since he launched his automotive group, manning telephones, hustling for deals and even interviewing staff. What is more, Jeff’s wife has her own job too so she was doing that during the day, and then helping her hubby get his business off the ground by night.


Jeff’s wife is also very empathetic to her husband and understands just how hard he works and why. With this in mind she is always on hand to do something sweet to take his mind off the job, or to remind him that there is a safe space at home for them both. Whether it is whisking him away for a weekend, preparing his lunch every now and again or meeting him for a coffee in the middle of the day, he says that she always seems to know what he needs.

Jeff’s wife is an incredible woman and one who without, Jeff says that he would never have been able to reach the great success that he has here in Minneapolis.


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